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What happened to mystery. Who gave a pass to intrigue. Since when did music become a flavor of the week, a pop culture fruit punch spiked with ho hum.

Faceless personas, masked emotions and pasted beats are yesterday’s sleeves fading in the heat. It’s enough to make someone retreat into anonymity.

But that’s not the way life is meant to be.


Power comes from unlocking your subconscious. Embrace your true self – be proud of each and every facet of who you are. It’s simple. Stop looking in the mirror in order to see what it truly means to be human. Love you for you. It’s a message singer/songwriter/dancer Adam Cola has championed since his formative years growing up in a conservative part of Montreal, Canada, “Be comfortable living without labels. By living my truth, I let who I am speak for itself. I want to brighten lives and empower people with my music. I want to inspire people to be fearless, feel sexy, and dare to be different. I want to be a beacon of light for people who struggle with the need to fit into a certain category in order to feel accepted.”

His path was born out of happenstance while at summer camp. As a wide-eyed seven year old, Adam discovered his knack for picking up dance steps and he’s never looked back. Throughout his teens, he fueled his passions, participating in every dance/fashion/artistic event he could, developing impeccable style and a thoughtful sense of self.

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June 27, 2019
Madame Siam
1723 N Hudson Ave
Los Angeles, California


Beyond the Physical – The Good Men Project

Since breaking out as a performing artist, I’ve become OK with sharing aspects of my character that I once felt uncomfortable, or ashamed to expose. I think I can speak for all men out there, each unique in his own right, who have been taught to feel like true manhood is only expressed through strength and lack of emotion.

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